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Loving Life Patients have the convenience of receiving medical care in the comfort of their homes, on their schedule.  Dr. Tizio is proud to offer house calls in conjunction with evening and weekend hours. Patients may also have an office visit at one of two valley locations in the Ahwatukee and Lake Pleasant areas....
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Dr. Tizio excels at treating anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome; however, patients with other conditions also have great results!  The typical Loving Life Patient has seen many other doctors without consequence, but is now happily on a journey to health. 

Treating these conditions (anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome) means healing the person in their entirety.  This often means healing the gastrointestinal tract (the gut), which is the organ that is responsible for many tasks responsible for health.  Some of the functions of the gut include assimilation (taking in good nutrients), elimination (removing toxins and leftovers from the body), immunity (fighting microbs like bacteria and viruses), and making neurotransmitters (which determine how we feel both physically and emotionally).   Healing the gut in order to restore function may be the first step to health. 

There may be many other obstacles to cure such as nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, disturbances in the vital force (which is responsible for healing the body), structural impairments, toxicity from solvents or heavy metals, to name a few. Dr. Tizio will help identify the obstacles to cure to uncover YOUR specific needs so that you may enjoy life to the fullest.

The modalities (the different tools used to treat patients naturopathically) used for Loving Life Patients include homeopathy, acupuncture, Eastern and Western Botanical Medicines, hydrotherapy, orthomolecular medicine, functional medicine, physiotherapy (cold laser, ultra sound), low amplitude high velocity manipulation, mind-body medicine, pharmaceutical drugs, minor surgery or a combination of these.

The healing power of nature (Vis Medicatrix Naturae) can be stimulated based on the principle of "like cures like" using diluted natural substances.  Homeopathy is an amazing modality of medicine practiced widely in Europe and other parts of the world. A single medicinal substance is matched to the patient’s symptoms based on the “like cures like” principle.  For example, a person is who is has chronic fatigue syndrome, and is constipated without an urge to stool, lethargic, feels a sense of euphoria and sleeps so heavily they are difficult to wake up may need homeopathic opium. Homeopathic opium does not cure anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome; instead, it helps put the body back into balance so that the person who needs homeopathic opium has more energy, is able to pass stool normally, is alert, and sleeps well and can be aroused from sleep.  Dr. Tizio uses homeopathy with 95% of her patients; she recommends they read Beyond Flat Earth Medicine by Timothy Dooley, ND, MD which can be downloaded at no charge from his website: 

Blood Type Diet
Loving Life Natural Medicine offers the Blood Type Diet.  This particular diet is similar to the more commonly known diet used by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, but is much more specifically tailored to a patients’ needs.  The Blood Type Diet takes into account the other antigens, including the rhesus factor, the M and N antigens, the Lewis bodies and secretor status.  The Blood Type Diet offered by Loving Life is more individualized than the more prolific blood type diet.  

The Bowen Technique
This form of soft tissue work is done by gently moving soft tissue and pausing between movements.  This therapy resets the body allowing for safe and effective pain relief.

Acupuncture is FDA approved for pain relief.  There are “meridians” that travel through your body; each meridian is associated with a vital organ, like your lungs.  So if you have asthma, then you may benefit from having acupuncture to points on the lung meridian. Acupuncture points are used to stimulate the flow of Qi to treat chronic and acute imbalances like asthma.  The amazing thing is that just about any disEASE you can think of can be treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. There several options when it comes to using acupuncture to guide you back to health.  Dr. Tizio may use acupuncture to treat your condition; this means that very tiny needles, the size of a hair, are put into the acupuncture points.  This is the most effective way to use acupuncture.  Other less invasive forms may also be used; for instance, Dr. Tizio may teach you to use acupressure if you are having a panic attack or are experiencing pain.

Eastern &  Western Botanical Medicines
Herbs may be used as alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs or to correct minor deficiencies.  At times, herbs may be used energetically (in small doses), as singles (one herb at a time), in combination (several herbs to work synergistically), as liquids (teas, tinctures or glycerites) or pills.  Many imbalances respond easily and safely using herbs.

Hydrotherapy is an inexpensive and extremely effective the use of water to heal acute and chronic conditions. Naturopathic hydrotherapy differs from the form of hydrotherapy used by physical therapists, as it uses contrasting hot and cold water to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It results in increased flow of blood and lymph to affected areas or to vital organs and can balance the autonomic nervous system; research has shown it to be effective in increasing white blood cell count.  Dr. Tizio may utilize hydrotherapy in the office or teach you how to use it at home.

Orthomolecular Medicine
Feed your cells with the right molecules!  Orthomolecular medicine means using the right molecule based on YOUR body’s needs; for example, some people who have depression, miscarriages, or cardiovascular disease may not be able use folic acid and need a particular type of folic acid to stay healthy.  Nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals, are used to correct deficiencies or to boost cellular function. These nutrients may be given orally or intravenously, depending on your particular needs.  Loving Life Patients have the added benefit of having a tea party for their friends who are able to get a supplement analysis at no charge! (If you are a Loving Life Patient, please ask how you and your friends can benefit from a supplement analysis at no charge!)

Functional Medicine
Finding just the right nutrients for your body’s needs is done with functional medicine. Dr. Tizio, as part of your office visit, includes a Nutritional Analysis Questionnaire, which can pin-point the particular systems (your cardiovascular system, your gastrointestinal tract, your immune system, etc.) that need support.  If you are not a Loving Life Patient, you can get a Nutrient Analysis for $25, which includes the analysis and an explanation of the results from Dr. Tizio herself!

The Erchonia Cold Laser and ultrasound are two forms of physiotherapy offered from Loving Life Natural Medicine. All tissues vibrate at a particular frequency; when there is injury or trauma, the frequency of the tissue is disturbed.  The Erchonia Cold Laser is a low-amplitude infrared light which puts the tissues into their proper frequency, and is FDA-approved for the treatment of pain.  Ultrasound harnesses the energy of sound so it can be used therapeutically to treat pain, heating tissues at a deeper level than is possible with other physiotherapeutic devices.

Low-Amplitude High-Velocity Manipulation
Pain and discomfort can be associated to bones that are out of place.  Naturopathic manipulation targets the areas where the structural integrity is compromised. Dr. Tizio uses a gentle technique to move tissues into their proper position.

Mind-Body Medicine
We live in a world that is not conducive to healing; therefore, we must create an environment that is healing and learn to reduce the effects of chronic stress.  Once you have the right nutrients on board using orthomolecular medicine, it may be important to address emotional issues that, having been left untreated, took root in the physical body causing pain, pathology or even cancer.  The human mind is capable beyond the means for which is commonly used; tap into this amazing resource to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.

Applied Kinesiology
Biolinguistic Kinesiology (BLK) is a specialized form of applied kinesiology that literally means, “The Body Talks”.  BLK is used when there is little insight on a given condition or to determine what specific nutrient form may be necessary.  For instance, magnesium comes in many forms but a specific chelate, such as oratate versus glycinate, may be more suited to an individual’s constitution.  BLK is not used for the purposes of determining a diagnosis or treatment plan.

Pharmaceutical Drugs
In the proper context, pharmaceutical drugs may be necessary to stabilize a person in acute distress.  They may also be used short term to make a diagnosis or to aid a person temporarily until their body is able to heal itself.  There are also situations where pharmaceutical drugs are necessary to perpetuate a high quality of life, for example, in a patient with diabetes mellitus type one.  More importantly, herb-drug interactions, dose tapering and an understanding of drugs on the body enables Dr. Tizio to better evaluate and treat you!

Minor surgery
Skin tags, moles, cysts, stitches, and toe nail removal can be done to remove painful or unsightly skin lesions.  Healing time can be reduced with naturopathic modalities such as herbs or cold laser. 

Sounds too good to be true?
Loving Life Patients who are truly willing to invest in their health make tremendous strides in achieving their health goals. Sadly, Loving Life Natural Medicine is not for everyone.  This is why Dr. Tizio offers a 15 minute consultation at no charge with no obligation.

Payment for services provided is required the day of the visit.  If you are covered by insurance, we can provide you with the forms necessary to seek reimbursement from your PPO insurance provider.  Neither Loving Life Natural Medicine nor its affiliates can guarantee reimbursement from your insurance provider.

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