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Philosophy of Loving Life Natural Medicine

The Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor Gina Tizio at Loving Life Health Natural

Medicine is more than just a doctor, she is a health coach.  A health coach will provide

you with individualized assessment, recommendations, coaching and support that are

targeted at helping you reach your health goals.  The priority is not on fixing what is

wrong but on teaching you that dis-ease is an indication for the need to change your life. 

Dr. Tizio goes a step beyond traditional health care to understand the intricacies of YOU

and your health.  A detailed health history can guide us to the necessary information in

order to create an individualized treatment plan. This treatment plan is based on

Lindlar's Therapeutic Order, which includes identifying the cause and removing

obstacles to cure, employing therapeutic lifestyle changes, stimulating the body’s natural

ability to heal itself, fortifying affected systems, addressing structural integrity, and

treating the pathology.  This five-prong approach targets the cause of your symptoms,

prevents progression of disEASE, and guides you to reaching and maintaining your

health goals.  

The Therapeutic Order

Identifying the cause and remove the obstacles to cure...

Symptoms like anxiety, depression, muscle pain, discomfort, fatigue, rashes, bowel

movement abnormalities, decreases in function, etc. are simply the body's way of telling

you that something needs to change.  They can help identify the root cause of disEASE

and what is keeping the body from healing itself.  Medications, heavy metal or solvent

toxicities, allergens, nutrient deficiencies are just a few examples of obstacles to cure.

Employing therapeutic lifestyle changes...

We no longer live in an environment for which our bodies were designed. We no longer

live in nature, thriving off fresh air, eating the fruit of the earth, physically working for

our food, and the occasional stress of being in survival mode. Therefore we must find

ways to adapt to our environment, with diet, exercise, and low-grade stress reduction in

order to get our bodies to function they way they were designed.  For many people with

anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, there are changes that

must be made to improve the quality of life.  Eating a diet that is tailored to your needs is

one such example.

Stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself...

The Vis Medicatrix Naturae, the healing power of nature, is a strong force each of us

posses. Many things can suppress this energy, but homeopathic medications and

hydrotherapy can revitalize the Vis.   

Fortifying affected systems... 

Nutrient sub deficiencies cause starvation on a cellular level. Bioavailable nutraceuticals

in the appropriate dose can feed your cells.  Finding the right molecule (orthomolecular

medicine) will feed your cells, which are the building blocks of your body.

Addressing structural integrity...

Musculoskeletal and visceral manipulation realigns the body to optimize function. 

Physiotherapy, such as cold laser and ultrasound treat structural integrity on a cellular


Treating the pathology...

At times, it is necessary to stabilize an imbalance with medications that address the

disEASE.  Botanical Medicine (herbs), pharmaceutical drugs, and minor surgery may be


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