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The most valuable asset you have is your health, which includes your spiritual, mental,

emotional and physical health.  It is the only way to Loving Life!   Dr. Gina Tizio is 

dedicated to helping individuals with their overall well-being in a natural way that

restores balance and vitality, rather than fighting symptoms. As her patient, she will

listen to you, provide you with individualized assessments using functional medicine,

and make recommendations based on the therapeutic order.  The priority is not fixing

what is wrong, but teaching, that disEASE is an indication of the need for change.  The

question is….

What would you LOVE to change about your LIFE?

Would you love to have more energy?
Would you love to be in a better mood?  
Would you love to have less pain?

Would you love to have a higher quality of life?

Many Loving Life Patients once suffered from the lack of joy associated with anxiety,

depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.  At Loving Life Natural

Medicine, health is not the absence of disease.  Health is having a constitution that is 

able to cope with stresses, from the common cold to cancer, without succumbing to the

affliction.  Health is a choice once you know what you have to do to get better; you must

choose to be free of the worries of anxiety, the sadness of depression, the pain of

fibromyalgia and the drain of chronic fatigue syndrome. This is the exact reason behind

the name:  Loving Life Natural Medicine; Loving Life is the exact opposite of anxiety,

depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.  Why be alive if you are not

Loving Life?

Join many others who are living a more healthy, abundant life using natural alternatives 

to drugs and surgery.  Loving Life Natural Medicine is just a phone call away!  Talk to a 

doctor who listens! Call (480) 474 – 4441 to schedule a 15 minute consultation at NO 


Dr. Tizio offers house calls and appointments at two valley locations in the Ahwatukee and Lake Pleasant areas....

Ahwatukee Location (inside Phoenix Family Medical Center)
12020 South Warner Elliot Loop, Suite #101
Phoenix, AZ  850544
Call 480 - 474 - 4441 to schedule an appointment

Lake Pleasant Location (inside Parkway Chiropractic)
10006 West Happy Valley Road, Suite #1220
Peoria, AZ  85383
Call 623 -537 - 3900 to schedule an appointment 

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